Saddle up / Four&Sons

There comes a point in every modern-day dog owner’s life when they look at their hound’s harness and think, “Is it weird that I want to wear this?” It’s likely a phenomenon unique to Canem Studios’s pieces, such is their distinctive minimalism and effortless cool.

Building on its range and reputation, the Norwegian studio welcomes two new harnesses into the fold: the Eddie and the Edit. In keeping with the brand’s Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic, the harnesses’ simplicity belies the complex thinking behind their design (complexity informed by hundreds of hours spent studying varied breeds’ gaits, behaviours and anatomy). “It’s pretty simple—a harness should keep your dog safe not only from cheeky slipping away but also from injuries caused by the dog’s equipment itself. We are dog-focused first and foremost which means we start every design with what works best for the pup,” Canem Studio’s founder Thea Dyring explains. 

The Eddie is a sighthound special. For those familiar with a sighthound's tendency to wriggle out of standard harnesses, the Eddie’s sleek, three-point design is a godsend. Custom-made using six individual measurements, it’s lightweight, form-fitting and tailored to a sighthound’s figure with epic precision. 

Whippet wearing leather harness

The Edit—available in wool – or leather-padded—uses vegetable-tanned leather fitted with solid cast brass hardware. Its stylish Y-front design doesn’t just look sharp; it ensures even weight distribution, ensuring that pull comes from the chest, minimising rubbing and irritation and maximising comfortable ease of movement.

Crafted in line with traditional saddle- and bridle-making principles, Canem Studio uses 100% full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. The studio sources materials as close to home as possible to support local businesses, and to minimise its environmental impact.


Words by Olivia Finlayson / Four&Sons /

Photography by Emma Rydahl