Jimi the Frenchie

At Canem Studio, we believe that true quality is something that can withstand the test of time—in terms of aesthetics, materials, and craftsmanship. Our beloved ambassadors and their humans are key to creating functional and everlasting products, and we are very proud to introduce them!

Meet Jimi, a well-traveled French Bulldog, accompanying his favorite human Jess on her urban and rural adventures from the beaches of Los Angeles to the streets of Dallas, Texas.

French Bulldog

Let's start with Jimi, what's life with a Frenchie like?

Life is never dull with a Frenchie. He can easily go from a calm nap to zoomies and back to a nap in no time. We have loved how he has his own unique personality and brings us so much joy. The only con is the periodic gaseous effluences natural to the breed.

Jimi is our pride and joy. He shows us, unconditional love, in a special way and has taught us so much about ourselves and dogs in general. That undeniable love has made us utilize our free time to learn more about the breed, dog products, and take part in more dog-related activities.

You might say that Jimi is a well travelled little fellow as you soend your time between your two homes in Los Angeles, California and Dallas, Texas. Tell us about travelling with Jimi.

Jimi is a great little traveller, and he loves certain things about both places, so it is a breeze!  LA has the perfect year-round temperature and ample outdoor activities, while Dallas has our family and best friends, delicious food, and space for Jimi to play. He is amenable to air travel as he is quickly put to sleep by the hum of the plane. On our long drives from LA to Dallas and back, he appreciates our many stops along the way to run and get some energy out. Both cities are very dog friendly and he accompanies us on almost all of our outings.

Where in LA / Dallas do you and Jimi like to go for walks / runs / play?

The beach! The first time Jimi saw a beach, he lit up. He was so incredibly happy. He loves the smell, digging holes in the sand, and running to the shoreline just to bolt back to safety when a wave starts washing up his way. As his owners, we are elated when we see how happy he is at the beach, while simultaneously expending some of his energy digging!

French Bulldog

And last but definitely not least, what do you as an owner of a Frenchie look for in dog gear?

Paramount to any dog gear we have is the quality of the items, sustainability of the resources used to produce them, a unique design for our unique dog, and durability. Dogs run, roll in outdoor elements, rough house, and dig, amongst many things. Jimi needs dog gear that will outlast all of his shenanigans, and stand the test of time. We do not want to be replacing products every few months. My husband and I do what we can to live a sustainable lifestyle, and this is not limited to just us, but Jimi too!