Lino the Iggy

At Canem Studio, we believe that true quality is something that can withstand the test of time—in terms of aesthetics, materials, and craftsmanship. Our beloved ambassadors and product testers are key to creating functional and everlasting products, and we are very proud to introduce them!

Meet Lino, a faithful, tiny influencer Italian Greyhound who spends his days strutting around the streets of Elche, Spain, and attending daily photoshoots with his very own personal photographer Carlina.

Italian Greyhound

You have an eye for beautiful minimal canine photography, and a couple truly inspiring Instagram profiles, but what inspires you to do your work?

My photographic style has always been minimalist, I am one of those people who think that "less is more". I am inspired by the work of other photographers, scenes from films, or sometimes phrases from books, architecture, nature or even the very animal I am going to photograph. But above all, as I always say, I am inspired by my life companions - Lino and his cat brothers Simon & Max.

Why dogs?

I don't think we are aware of the incredible bond we have with our animals. My dog has made me a total dog lover, and I like everything related to them. Having Lino has led me to meet wonderful people all over the world. People who, like me, love them and would give their lives for them. That's why I love to see how dogs are able to change everything and that's what makes me admire, respect, and love them so much. 

I simply love EVERYTHING dog! I love being with my dog every minute of every day, discovering new places with him, walkies on the beach/mountains, our cuddle time… But without a doubt, my favorite dog-related activity is photography. Taking pictures of Lino led me to create my project “Fotografia Muy Animal”, where I take pictures of different dogs every week. Can it possibly be better?

We all know, and love Lino - But he's not the only pup you take pictures of, tell us about Fotografia Muy Animal

I have worked as a fashion photographer for several years but, at a certain point, I felt a bit lost, tired, and frustrated with the fashion world. I needed a change. And then Lino came along. I opened an Instagram account for him and I started to upload photos of him telling about our adventures or everyday moments, always accompanied by a text with an anecdotal touch. I enjoyed doing it, looking for nice places to take pictures of him and laughing at his faces and poses. His account started to grow and then I realized that I was getting into dog photography. And so, Fotografia Muy Animal was born.

Greyhound collar

And last but definitely not least, what do you as a minimalist owner of an Italian Greyhound look for in dog gear?

Obviously, the first thing I look for is quality products that my dog can wear comfortably. Equipment that is suitable for my dog's breed and that will not create health or physical issues for him in the future. Also, as a fashion lover, if those products have a different and stylish design, they attract my attention. I like to find brands that look out for the well-being of animals and care about them. If on top of that those brands make their products in a handmade way, all the better, because it reflects the appreciation they have for them. This just gives added value to what you are choosing.


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