Almost naked / Four & Sons

Impeccably designed with signature Nordic style, Canem Studio’s latest release sees its clean-lined minimal aesthetic applied to the humble harness. And to stunning effect.

Leather dog harness

In creating Siouxsie and Ash, comfort and practicality were nonnegotiable. Canem Studio’s founder and owner, Thea Dyring, designed the pieces with several key features in mind: an anatomical shape with minimal hardware. Carefully considered pulling points and weight distribution, resulting in pull that comes from the chest. And straps that offer freedom to move without rubbing or causing irritation. Dyring says it best: “the dog should feel naked when wearing the Canem Studio harness.”

Canem Studio leather harness

Handmade to order in Dyring’s Hakadal studio, each harness is crafted in Swedish leather, fitted with solid brass hardware and available in two designs: minimal all-leather, and leather with wool padding. Stepping up production capacity for the brand’s latest release, Canem Studio will offer discerning dog owners a myriad of premium-quality wools in a wide range of shades. And whether your dog is tiny or tank-like, the harness comes in sizes that cater for varied breeds.

As expected, Canem Studio’s latest accessory upholds all brand’s steadfast environmental values—so, secure the straps safe in the knowledge that the planet was not harmed in the making of these exquisite pieces.

Words by Olivia Finlayson / Four&Sons /

Photography by Carlina Gea and Canem Studio